Creating life-size sculptures in glass is technically very difficult but the result is stunning when you incorporate the beauty of female or male body with the beauty of glass and how it with reacts and bends either natural or artificial light. Our sculptures feature in a book called ....Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass

Some of our glass sculptures have been created using glass that was destined for a rubbish dump/landfill...We feel are are doing our part for the environment by turning what was first thought rubbish into beautiful sculptures. Plus saving the manufacturers a lot of money as they have to pay for the glass to be disposed of....If you would like a glass sculpture that is going to be beautiful and environmentally friendly...check out our collection of glass statues

We started to create glass sculptures in 2004...this was after we visited an interior design seminar and saw the wide range and popularity of glass in design.

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We did a huge amount of research in libraries, internet and asking people, and quickly found that glass moulding is a secretive process...each glass artist has their own way of working and creating what they want in terms of artwork...and we are no has taken almost 3-4 years of off and on trial and error...and I mean lots of errors to develop the processes of creating our glass figurative sculptures. But now we are loving the results...beautiful figurative sculptures made of glass...

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