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Studio/gallery 65a Cass Street Kaiapoi,

just a 15 minute drive north of

Christchurch New Zealand

Ph/Fax: (64 3) 327-0066

(google map doesn’t allow 65a Cass Street, so look for the signs at gate)

Skype Brent and Shirley


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                    Reverence for the human form is the underlying value

                    behind the range of sculptures created by NakedArt.

NakedArt promote a positive attitude to the shape, size and form of the naked body of either nude male or female models, often called body sculpture, their artwork is in 14 different countries...and is represented by numerous galleries throughout New Zealand and  Australia

They create each sculpture or statue by taking a mold from a nude male or nude female model..when you are pregnant they can create a pregnancy cast...sometimes called life casting or body casting,

Add to your art sculpture collection, by choosing one of our interior wall sculpture or statues view the available range here

They also create a range of garden statues or outdoor sculpture  view the available range here

Commission them to create a sculpture of yourself... Examples can be seen here

capturing your beauty forever is a wonderful gift idea ..It only takes around 20 minutes of your time, with the resulting sculpture lasting a lifetime.  

You will love the result of buying sculptures Gift vouchers to any value can be purchased for both sculpture and photography

Brent & Shirley have a passion for photography
Check out their other website

NakedArt - Forever Young

sculptures from live models