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This is our collection of statues..each is individually created from taking a mould from a live model, some are one-off originals...the most popular wall sculptures are Goddess, Adonis, Diana, Forever in Blue Jeans, Player ( ideal for a fan of the Rugby World Cup), Aura, Siren, Reality, or Thoughtful if you like smaller pieces

If you are interested on one of the sculptures that has a sold sign attached...email us as it may be able to be replicated, by getting the model back and recreating the pose...however no two sculptures will ever be the same, there will be sutble differences

The methods and finishing are unique to us, capturing minute detail of the nude female and male form. Each sculpture is hand finished with layers of transparent glazes, each is unique. The clothing that you see on some has not been added in, the model was wearing them at the time of the casting.

If you would like size and price details send us an email here...or if you would like to commission us to create a sculpture of you...your partner or have something of you both...just give us call to arrange a time to visit our studio....

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