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Aluminium through a veil outdoor garden sculpture

Garden or Outdoor sculpture

In Aluminium, Bronze, Rust effect.. wall mounted or freestanding on a stone base or plinth.

Make your outdoor feature stand out and be unique.

The sculpture featured is a girl standing in a warm breeze, wearing a thin veil of cloth, enough to be modest, but alluring to show the beauty of her shapely female form.

Cold cast resin impregnated with aluminium powder, light and durable. Or if you rather we can make them out of bronze.

The beauty of the cold cast process, is that it considerably less expensive, when compared to casting in metal. Whilst still having the look

View the the gallery of outdoor sculptures below. There are many sculptures we make that can be customised to be suitable for outdoors. Just make contact below and we can provide a price and cost of freight

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Lingerie girl in field

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torn rusticated sculpture outdoors

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glass sculpture through a veil

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Serene wall sculpture

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