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Forever Young - NakedArt started in 2001 , inspired by the growing interest in our sculptures, in 2003 we went full time. NakedArt whilst a popular brand, has caused issues with spam filters hence why we introduced Forever Young...since inception, our sculptures are in 14 different countries, we create Glass sculptures, Forever Young Photography and Wedding Photography...Select below which part of NakedArt or Forever Young  you would like to visit..

  1. Forever Young Photography mainly photograph glamour/boudoir photo shoots, each is personally themed and styled after consultation with you, we can organize make up and hair stylists, locations and props, we are passionate about capturing the very best that you can be.

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NakedArt sculptures have been created by taking a mold directly from a nude male or nude female body. Bodycasting or lifecasting is another word for this form of sculpture...we at NakedArt with our life size  sculptures want to take the art to a whole new level

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Forever Young Photography
Glass SculpturesForever_Young_Glass_sculptures,_slump_glass,_fiqurative_glass_sculptures,_from_recycled_glass_for_Sale_.html

Life-size glass torso sculptures incorporating the beauty of the human form using the translucency of glass and how it with reacts and bends light. We have utilized recycled glass to create many of our glass sculptures, however we are currently using a range of Multi colored glass to create our new range of life-size glass torsos.. come visit our glass sculptures

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Wedding Photographers

  1. Forever Young Photography are your Wedding Photographers Christchurch, we specialize in photographing people. One of the most important elements of their photography is Wedding Photography. We offer Wedding photo packages that include just a few hours on the day, through too the ultimate Wedding Photo Package that includes engagement photos, the wedding day where they will have two photographers covering you and the groom getting ready, photograph the ceremony, the official photos on location, cutting of the cake and dance and will include someone to Video the Wedding. They pride themselves as being dynamic and creative when it comes to capturing your special day...they will work to find that special location or Wedding Venue for your photos...they want to capture “The Moment” the passion the feel and love of the day...a very special day your Wedding Day.

Call (03) 327-0066 or mobile 027 2224767 to make an appointment to visit their studio at 65a Cass Street Kaiapoi, North Canterbury New Zealand

just 15 minutes north of Christchurch to send them an email at

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We do sell our sculptures through Regency Shop based in the USA

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