Forever Young Sculptures

sculptures from live models

Wall Sculptures

If you are looking for artwork that is going to get that WOW impact when you or guests first see it.

Then these are the sculptures that are going to do it.

Entranceways, foyers, bedrooms, living rooms, dining or bathrooms.

These “Collector Series” sculptures have been designed to be hung on a large cup hook.

All are life-size, multiple layers of glaze has been applied over a gypsum base (giving a depth of colour that reflects the background and changes with the light. each is hand made, each is hand finished, each will be different to another.

Our sculptures are in private collections and museums in 15 countries. Shipping isn’t a problem to any place in the world.

Visit our gallery of Wall sculptures

Garden or Outdoor sculpture

In Aluminium, Bronze, Rust effect.. wall mounted or freestanding on a stone base.

Make your outdoor feature stand out and be unique.

The sculpture featured is a girl standing in a warm breeze, wearing a thin veil of cloth, enough to be modest, but alluring to show the beauty of her shapely female form.

Cold cast resin impregnated with aluminium powder, light and durable. Or if you rather we can make them out of bronze.

The beauty of the cold cast process, is that it considerably less expensive, when compared to casting in metal. Whilst still having the look

Visit the gallery of outdoor garden sculptures

Glass Sculptures

Our top of the range sculptures are those made in Glass.

We still make a mould from a live model, however from there on everything is very different and very labour intensive. the final one off sculpture can take 2-3 months to complete.

We have developed the processes over many years of trial and error.

To view a gallery of glass sculptures – visit them here

Custom sculpture

You can choose sculptures from our Collector Series or you can choose to be the model and we can create a one – sculpture of you.

It takes around 15-20 minutes to make a mould of you. Then it takes around 4-6 weeks to complete the sculptures of you. The finished sculpture is multiple layers of glaze that replicates a metallic finish.

We are often asked to create sculptures of women that are pregnant “Pregnancy or Preggie sculptures”

Something you will have forever.

Gallery of Sculptures in their owners homes

We love to receive images of our sculptures within the clients homes or their gardens.

Our sculptures are in 15 different countries, so shipping to you isn’t a problem. All you have to do is make contact and we can provide you with a price for the sculpture along with the cost of shipping to where you live.

Pop and visit our gallery of sculptures images

Sculpture and Photo shoot package

Combining our sculptures with our photography skills and you capture your beauty in sculpture and in photos.

We arrange the hair and make up. the locations etc

This is the ULTIMATE Gift for your loved one – here for more info

Hand sculptures

We can create sculptures of individual hands or groups of hands.

We can form a circle of family hands. Its amazing how different each hand is and the variation in sizes captured at a moment in time is priceless.

Something you will have forever.

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NakedArt® - registered brand name of NakedArt® sculptures from live models Brent & Shirley Cairns

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NakedArt – registered brand name of NakedArt sculptures from live models

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